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Mojstrana is an alpine village situated at an elevation of 661m. The two rivers Triglavska Bistrica and Sava Dolinka meet here forming the River Sava, the longest river in Slovenia. Mojstrana is one of the entrances to the Triglav national park  from the north and has been known for its healthy climate for many years.

The first written records of Mojstrana go back to the year 1590. The name of the village supposedly indicated a large number of tradesmen (mojster = a tradesman) which is still reflected in the house names today. The history of Mojstrana is closely connected to iron and cement. Before WWI, deposits of iron ore and a big cement factory offered work to the locals. During both Wars tourism became very popular and tourists, mountaineers and hunters liked to visit the place. Today the village has about 1200 inhabitants.

You can visit  St Clemens's chuch, the Slovenian Alpine museum, and see very old authentic houses. Some important Slovenian sportsmen came from Mojstrana: the ski jumpers Janez Polda and Marjan Pečar, the alpine skiers Alenka Dovžan and Jure Košir, and the sport climber Martina Čufar. 18 sportsmen who were born in Mojstrana represented our country in the Olympic Games.

Mojstrana is the gateway to three magnificent valleys at the heart of the Triglav National Park, Vrata, Krmo and Kot. We invite you to enjoy the many outdoor activities or simply relax in the quiet, natural setting. You can try climbing a Via Ferrata in the center of the village. Rental of the equipment is possible at the Info office.

The tourist information office  is located in Slovenian Alpine Museum and is open every day from 9.00 - 17.00.