Welcome in the world of Triglav fairytales!

Dovje, Mojstrana in Vrata

Two villages, healthy climate resorts, and a unique Alpine valley with hundreds of secrets.

The tour starts at Dovje in front of the renovated blacksmith's workshop. A local guide presents the village and the route continues with a walk to the monument of Jakob Aljaž. A magnificent view of the mountain peaks accompanies visitors to Mojstrana. The route continues through Mojstrana along some old houses (the Šmerc House  and the Mrušč (Ambrožič) House ) to the Slovene Alpine Museum. After looking at the exhibition and having lunch, the next destination is the Peričnik Waterfall. A walk to the first (lower) waterfall takes 10min. Here there is a special surprise – a walk behind the waterfall to the other side. It is also possible to walk to the upper waterfall which can’t be seen from below. From Peričnik, a ride is organized to Aljažev dom in the Vrata valley. After a short walk to the mountaineers’ monument, the reward is the amazing view of the fascinating Triglav North Face.

Variation 2: No museum exhibition. Lunch in Aljažev dom in Vrata.

Variation 3: A ride from Peričnik to Dovje. Lunch at the restaurant Pr' Katr'.