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Dovje, Mojstrana in Radovna

Two villages on the opposite sides of the River Sava Dolinka and a settlement with a rich ethnographic and cultural heritage.

The tour starts at Dovje in front of the renovated blacksmith's workshop. A local guide presents the village and the route continues with a walk to the monument of Jakob Aljaž. A magnificent view of the mountain peaks accompanies visitors to Mojstrana. The route continues through Mojstrana along with some historical information and a look at the Šmerc House where Julius Kugy, the pioneer mountaineer, liked to stay. The details of traditional alpine architecture can be noticed walking past the old houses. A ride to Radovna  follows. There is an exhibition at the ethnographic museum Pocar farm. The house is a cultural monument presenting one of the oldest farmhouses in the Triglav National Park. The traditional farm restaurant (gostilna) Psnak in Radovna offers good home-cooked food. By the house there is also an apiary with colourful beehives. The host will explain the local tradition of carrying goods to Kredarica hut on horseback before helicopters modernized the supply line. Lunch at Psnak. 

Variation 2: (bus transportation is not possible) A stop at the Pocar farm to look at the outside without entering the museum. Proceed along the valley to look at the restored (but not functioning) old Venetian Sawmill. Further ondown the long valley is Lake Kreda, a result of the excavated hollow where chalk used to be quarried for the Mojstrana cement factory. Returning to Radovna we stop at Gogala Farm to look at their old lime tree .  Lunch at Psnak.