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Kranjska Gora, Rateče, Planica

Two world famous tourist destinations and a village with rich ethnographic heritage.

All three places are visited by numerous ski jumpers, cross-country skiers, ski tourers, and hikers in winter. At Planica, there is one of the world biggest ski jumps. Visitors can admire the mountains surrounding the valley. The history of ski jumping and ski flying is presented on film in the Olympic Sports Centre at Planica. From Planica, the tour continues to the Nature Reserve at Zelenci and includes a walk to where the River Sava Dolinka starts its long journey to the Danube. Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora is another attractive sight where the history of the Vršič Pass Road is presented. Then follows a walk to Kranjska Gora and lunch. The tour continues with a visit to the old traditional alpine house, the Liznjek Farm, with ethnographic museum collection.

Variation 2: Instead of the visit to the Liznjek Farmhouse in Kranjska Gora the old Kajžn'k Farmhouse in Rateče can be visited. Traditional farm customs are presented there, together with the national costumes of the region. A film presentation illustrates some traditions still preserved in Rateče. There is also a ski-jump simulator for visitors. Lunch in Rateče followed by a short visit to Kranjska Gora.