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Klasična Soča

Discovering hidden corners of the emerald River Soča and the memories of the Soča Front.

On the way across the Vršič Pass, the first stop is at the Russian Chapel to learn the history of the construction of this road during WWI.  At the top of the Pass, there is a view of the rocky mountains all around. Continuing to the Trenta Valley, a walk to the spring of the River Soča is a must. On the way to Bovec, the next stop is Slovenia’s biggest waterfall at Boka. In Breginj, a village demolished by an earthquake, is an open-air museum of traditional stone houses showing typical Karst architecture. The tour continues along the River Nadiža to Kobarid, where you have lunch. In Kobarid, there is an internationally acknowledged museum which presents WWI in this area. On the ride to the village Zatolmin it is possible to taste local cows’ and sheep’s cheese. Driving home through Baška grapa, across Soriška planina to Bohinjska Bistrica and through Bled.

Variation 2: A stop at the monument to Italian soldiers in Kobarid is an option instead of the village Breginj. The tour can continue with a walk to the Kozjak Waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Slovenia, and to the Kobarid Museum. The return is the same as described above.