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St Clemen’s Church

St Clemen’s Church is on the right side of the road to Mojstrana. If you leave the main road at the first exit for Mojstrana you will cross the River Sava and the local road will lead you right to the church. According to the legend, the church was built where St Cyril and St Method spent a night in 868 on their way to Rome. They were carrying the relics of the Pope Clemen I, found by St Cyril on the Crimes in 860. The church was a small Romanesque chapel first, oval in form and with a rather low arch. During the baroque period, the church was renovated, and two windows in the west wall and the bell tower were added. With the last renovation in the 19th century, the windows in the aisle were enlarged. The origin of a small fresco behind the main altar dates from 1640. The bell tower and the church date from the 14th century, while the main altar and the side ones date from the 19th century.