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Šmercova hiša - The Šmerc House

The Šmerc House is located on the right hand side of the minor road which takes you to the centre of Mojstrana. The facade was professionally renovated a few years ago and it is easy to spot the beautiful frescoes on the wall. 

The house was built by a Bavarian, Johann Schmerz, in 1778. In the second half of the 19th century, the Mojstrana mountain guide Jurij Skumavec became its owner. The house was a popular inn (gostilna), famous for its hospitality, food and service. One of the most famous guests was Julius Kugy, but there were also other visitors from Austria, Germany and Italy.

Beautiful frescoes give a special charm to the house. Frescoes on house walls used to mark the inns to sleep on the pilgrimage through the Gornjesavska valley to St Višarje (Monte Lussari in Italy).

The inn was still in operation up to the 1960s.