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Mojstrana – Lake Kreda – Poldov rovt – Črna gora –  Mlačca Gorge – Mojstrana  (the first, short, part is marked red on the map; the second, longer part is not)

Start in Mojstrana from the car park at the Slovenian Alpine Museum.  Pass the Hostel Pr' Jozlnu on your right and cross the river Triglavska Bistrica on a little footbridge behind the parking place. At the road on the other 

side of the river turn right and walk about 250m to a green bridge over the river. Walk past the bridge, staying on the same side of the river, and continue in the same direction along a path with the river on your right. At a place where two walking trails cross (just after a stream) follow a direction sign marked trail No 15, which takes you to Lake Kreda.  

Walk past the pretty lake and follow a path which ascends steeply into the woods. It soon becomes level, and brings you to a crossing with a forest track. Turn left here and walk up for a short distance until you see the lower part of Poldov rovt ('rovt' means pasture) straight ahead. Follow the track round to the right and up to reach the upper point of the pasture. Turn left above a wooden building to a cart track which crosses the pasture. Follow the cart track for 500m until you reach the tarmac road to Radovna. Turn right and walk up this road to Kosmač preval (a saddle, where a track branches off to the Kot valley). About 50m before the saddle turn right to a forest road which soon turns into a track. Turn right at the first track crossing, and after 100m come to another crossing where you turn left and continue up the track, which eventually deteriorates into a path. Follow this path to the top of Črna gora i. e. to the bivouac below Črna gora. There are three steep sections and three fairly level parts; when you reach the last level section,  and there is no longer any rise in front of you, a wide woody ridge begins. Walk along the ridge gently to the right and soon reach the bivouac – the highest point. The long ridge continues to Vrbanove špice, but this is a very long and demanding walk – it's best to turn back at the high point.

Return the same way. Walk about 2km down the tarmac road to a steep grassy meadow on your left and a direction sign for Jerebikovec on your right. Descend along the meadow, and come to the Mlačca Gorge. In winter time the Mlačca Gorge is an ice climbing area, and during Christmastide nativity plays are performed in the kingdom of the ice. As you leave Mlačca Gorge you can see the tennis courts on your  right (diagonally). Pass them and descend a little to get to the River Triglavska Bistrica. The road along the river is already familiar to you; walk along back to the parking place at the museum in Mojstrana.


WARNING: The path is not waymarked, but it is marked in the map mentioned below.

Total ascent: 2 - 4 h

Ascend and descend: 6 -7 h

Difficulty: Not demanding

Equipment: Good walking shoes and physical condition are recommended.

Start: Slovenian Alpine Museum, 650m. Coordinates: WGS 84: N:46°27'28''; E:13°56'9''

Intermediate point: Kosmač Saddle,  844m.

Highest point: Bivouac below Črna gora 1370 m. Coordinates: WGS 84: N:46°26'11'' E:13°54'56''


Altitude difference: 720m

Ascent distance:  5300m

Total distance: 9800m


Source: Map Triglav 1:25.000 published by Sidarta