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Tromostovje  or  Mlinca – Kloma Gorge - Žakljev rovt (pasture) - Šija 2 - Šija 1 – Borovlje - Šija 2 – Tromostovje (unmarked path)

The parking place for this path is at Tromostovje (Three Bridges), the confluence of two streams, Mlinca and Žakelj. Three little bridges used to be here years ago and  the place was named after the Ljubljana landmark, Tromostovje or Three Bridges. Turn left at Tromostovje and cross the Žakelj; a wider marked path continues on the other side of the stream. It soon turns right (to Kepa), but you continue west along the stream. After about 10min you come to another confluence of two streams; turn right towards the gorge of the right-hand stream, the Kloma Gorge.

The gorge is beautiful but the path through it is not very obvious. While walking up the gorge you keep moving from one side of the stream to the other. There are also several short rocky scrambles in the gorge, but each is equipped with pegs and rungs for aid, just where you need them. When you come to a small waterfall  you have reached the end of the gorge. Go around the waterall to the left and you come to a small collapsing footbridge.

A little before the footbridge, keep right and continue along the path until you come to the pasture at Žakljev rovt - 1h. Cross the pasture in a north-west direction and continue through the wood to where a big grassy meadow opens out in front of you. At the top of the meadow is a saddle, Stanč, at 1274m - 20min. From the saddle come to a cart track and descend for about 5min to a bend which turns sharply to the left (marked by a cairn). From here a path climbs to the saddle Šija 2. The path first ascends and then descends to a scree (marked by more cairns), and then ascends steeply to the saddle Šija 2 at 1362m - 30min.

From Šija 2, continue along the east side of the ridge to the saddle Šija 1. From Šija 1 follow the woody ridge up to the top of Borovlje at 1476m - 45 min.

On the way back, first descend to the saddle Šija 2 and reach the bend mentioned above. Follow a cart track east and continue back to the confluence of streams (by the entrance to the Kloma Gorge). Then walk alongside the Žakelj back to Tromostovje.


WARNING: The path is not marked – take care. The satellite signal is weak in the gorge, and it is impassable after heavy rain.


Total ascent: 2-3h

Ascent and descent: 5h

Difficulty: Demanding

Equipment: Good walking boots and physical condition are recommended.

Start: Parking place at Tromostovje (confluence of the brooks Mlinca and Žakelj). Follow a forest road east from Dovje. At the junction for Kepa (about 800m from Dovje), turn left and follow this road for 4km, then turn right at a junction. After 800m you are at Tromostovje, 1,065m. Start coordinates: N:46°28'46''; E:13°57'48''

Intermediate point: Saddle Šija2, 1362m

Highest point: Borovlje 1,476m. Coordinates: N:46°28'50; E:13'57'04''

Altitude difference: 411m

Ascent distance:  2900m

Total distance: 4900m


Source: Map Kranjska Gora 1:30,000 published by LTO Kranjska Gora.