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Dolina Radovne

Mojstrana - Zgornja Radovna - Krnica - Gorje - Jesenice - Mojstrana 


The route starts from the car park in front of the Slovenian Alpine Museum. Turn left towards the Vrata and after 300m, fork left and continue past some blocks of flats. Follow the road round to the left and cross a green footbridge over the River Bistrica. On the other side make a short ascent, bearing left, up a gravel road into the trees to arrive at the tennis courts at Mlačca. Continue past them, following the gravel road up a short steep slope to join the main road to the Radovna valley, where you turn right (845m from the start).

Climb the tarmac road all the way to the Kosmačeve Pass (where there is a right turn into the Kot valley). This is the highest point of the tour, 845m – 3.15km from the museum. From the saddle begin to descend steeply, keeping left at a junction, in the direction of Bled (Zgornja Radovna) – 3.45km. Continue down to Zgornja Radovna. The road passes the Psnak Inn (Gostilna Psnak) and in another 50m becomes a gravel road. At the next junction turn left, signed Gogalovo lipo – 4.4km. This tarmac road leads to another set of houses in Zgornja Radovna. At the Gogal Farm stands the Gogal linden (lime) tree, which is estimated to be 800 years old – 5.2km. From here follow an unmade road to a junction with the main gravel road leading to Bled. At the junction turn left – 5.95km, and, gradually descending all the time, pass the Psnak sawmill and continue on towards Lake Kreda 9.0km - 675m.

On the left-hand side cross a wooden footbridge over the river Radovna, and follow another gravel road  with the lake on your right. The road leads on past the lake and rejoins the main road at the monument at Požgana Radovna – 10.0km. Follow this road,which becomes tarmac, all the way to the village of Krnica. Turn right past another bridge over the river Radovna - 16.5 km. Climb up to the main road and turn left at the junction towards Bled - 17.0 km. In the middle of the village of Zgornje Gorje, turn left at the church - 18.1 km (signed Višelnica-Mevkuž). Slightly ascend and then descend again to the junction at Spodnje Gorje, where you turn left for Jesenice - 19,0km.

From here, follow the main road that leads to Jesenice. When you get to the village of Kočna (the second highest point on the tour, at 672 m), continue to a steep descent down towards Jesenice. Towards the end of the descent go under the bridges which carry the train and the motorway and continue to down to a junction just before the bridge over the river Sava Dolinka. Here turn left in the direction of Podmežakla – 26.3km. Keep following this road through the town of Jesenice, past the Podmežakla Sports Hall on the left, and continue to where the motorway underpass connects to the cycle track - 29.5 km. The cycle track runs alongside the highway and past the entrance to the Karavanke tunnel, ad continues all the way to Mojstrana. At the bridge over the Sava, the cycle track joins the main road into the village; turn left and follow it, past the church and the Mojstrana ski slopes. To return to the start point cross the bridge over the Triglavska Bistrica river and turn left in the direction of the Vrata. After 500m you reach the car park in front of the Slovenian Alpine Museum – 38.7km.


WARNING: Parts of this cycle tour take place on busy roads, so take care!


Length: 38.7 km

Total time: 3-5 h

Difficulty route: difficult

Starting point: Slovenian Alpine Museum, 650 m. Coordinates WGS 84: N: 46 ° 27'28 ''; E: 13 ° 56'9 ''

Highest point: 845 m – the Kosmačev Pass.

Midpoint 1: Lake Kreda 675m: Coordinates: WGS-84: N: 46 ° 24'58 '' E: 13 ° 59'28 ''

Midpoint 2: the village of Kočna: 627m: Coordinates: WGS-84: N: 46 ° 24'54 '' E: 13 ° 04'50 ''

Finish point: Slovenian Alpine Museum.

Height gained: 450 m

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Source: Map of the Julian Alps 1: 50.000 produced by Sidarta