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Španova hiša - The Špan House

The house is situated in the start of the village just opposite the Mojstrana ski slope. It is said that this was the first house built in the village. The name Špan has its origin in the function of the master of the house who was the village mayor (in Slovenian 'župan'). The house was one of the wealthiest in the village.  

Today there are only some traces left showing the wealth of this old farm house. There are some baroque elements on the facade  house walls, ornaments, sun clock).

Šmercova hiša - The Šmerc House

The Šmerc House is located on the right hand side of the minor road which takes you to the centre of Mojstrana. The facade was professionally renovated a few years ago and it is easy to spot the beautiful frescoes on the wall. 

The house was built by a Bavarian, Johann Schmerz, in 1778. In the second half of the 19th century, the Mojstrana mountain guide Jurij Skumavec became its owner. The house was a popular inn (gostilna), famous for its hospitality, food and service. One of the most famous guests was Julius Kugy, but there were also other visitors from Austria, Germany and Italy.

Beautiful frescoes give a special charm to the house. Frescoes on house walls used to mark the inns to sleep on the pilgrimage through the Gornjesavska valley to St Višarje (Monte Lussari in Italy).

The inn was still in operation up to the 1960s.

Ambrožičeva (Mruščeva) hiša – The Ambrožič (Mrušč) House

The Ambrožič (Mrušč) House is located a little further from the river crossing towards the Vrata valley. It is a long building on your left.

The house used to be a rich farmhouse. The arch in the middle connects the residential part with the service part (a stable, a barn with a bridge, and a mill).

The well-known local beekeeper Mihael Ambrožič (1864 - 1904) lived in this house. He traded home-produced honey, queen bees, and beehives. On the house facade, there are the plaques showing the names of the places where Mihael exhibited

Sk'mavčeva hiša – The Sk'mavč House

The Sk'mavč House is close to the centre of the village. You can find it if you turn onto a minor road at the central crossing. The house is in front of you where the local road makes a left turn.

The lower part of the house is built of stone and the upper floor is made of wood. The stairs take you to a covered 'gank' (balcony) in the service part of the house. A fresco on the front wall dates from 1799 and marks the pilgrimage trail to St Višarje (Monte Lussari). Beside the 'gank', this old house also has other typical characteristics like shutters, wrought iron on the lower floor windows, and a garden in front of the house.