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Belca is a long settlement along the road from Mojstrana to Kranjska Gora, and also the name of a river which rises beneath the mountain Kepa (2139 m) in the Karavanke. The river joins the River Sava Dolinka in Belca. There is also a small active sawmill by the River Belca.
In Podkuže, a little further on towards Kranjska Gora, there is another group of houses. Cattle farming is important here, combined with the alpine pastures. Above Podkuže by the River Belca there are many attractive waterfalls from March to May, especially after heavy rain, which makes walking up through the Belca gorge really spectacular.

Belca is the home of the mountaineer Miha Potočnik, who was a member of the ‘golden’ alpine team together with Joža Čop and Stanko Tominšek. They were active climbers during both World Wars.