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The village of Dovje is known for its healthy climate and lies on the sunny slopes of the Karavanke at an elevation of 711m. Over the years diligent farmers created long fields formed in terraces and the rural tradition from the past is still preserved today.

The first written records mention Dovje in 1015. In 1033, the German bishop Konrad II and Count Alberik awarded the Dovje property to the Freising bishops as a present.

Visitors can see the typical elements of alpine architecture in the old farm houses (arched front doors). In the centre of Dovje, there is a renovated blacksmith’s workshop which has now been converted into an inn or gostilna – Hiša Pr' Katr.

St Michaels's is the local Dovje church. It displays various architectural styles from gothic onwards. The graveyard around the church is the resting place of many mountaineers who died in the mountains. Below the village, there is a monument to Jakob Aljaž, a priest at Dovje church. He was also a composer, great patriot and mountain lover. He was the priest at Dovje for 38 years.  

Dovje is an ideal starting point for hillwalking to the Karavanke (Kepa 2143 m, Baba 1891 m, Rožca 1587 m) and many other tours - Belca - Kloma where the scenery  is breathtaking.