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Zgornja Radovna

Zgornja Radovna is a settlement in the Triglav national park. It is located in the upper part of the valley of the River Radovna, which brings together the waters of the glacial valleys Krma and Kot. The area is embraced by the northern slopes of the Pokljuka plateau, the ridge of the Triglav mountains and the Mežakla plateau. Zgornja Radovna is connected to Mojstrana by the old road which leads further on to Bled.
Old farmhouses are scattered around the valley and there are numerous weekend houses among them. Visitors can walk to the Gogala farm and see a linden tree which is 380-450 years old. The oldest traditional farmhouse in the Triglav National Park is the Pocar farmhouse. The year 1775 is engraved on one of the beams and a written document dates it back to 1672. Authentic furniture can be seen in the house; today the farm is an ethnological museum.

Close to the Psnak farmhause , visitors can see an old beehive which belongs to the farm. Further along the road to Bled is the well preserved Psnak sawmill. If you continue towards Bled you come to another Lake Kreda (= chalk). The name and the purpose of this lake are the same as the one in Mojstrana, i.e. excavating chalk for the cement factory.

Zgornja Radovna is a magnificent starting point for breathtaking mountain tours to the Julian Alps.