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Belca Gorge

This is a long valley alongside the little River Belca. The unsurfaced road makes good walking but is a little risky for your car if you decide to drive. The valley soon narrows and you find yourself in a craggy gorge where the River Belca can only be heard, not seen, as it loses itself somewhere below the enormous steep rock formations. If you follow the road further on, it eventually brings you to the same level as the river, where you can safely refresh yourself in it.  The road continues through clearings in the forest where farmers used to have summer pastures for their cattle. Along the way, there are stunning views of the Julian Alps behind and Kepa in front of you. After 2 to 3 hours of walking the road brings you to Jepca sedlo (1,610m), the starting point for an ascent of the magnificent mountain Kepa (2,143m).
The road is safe and climbs gently, allowing you enough time to admire the wild natural environment and rich sources of water from the surrounding slopes.