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The Karavanke is 120km long range which makes it one of the longest mountain ranges in Europe. It is also the border between Slovenia and Austria. In the Karavanke you can  enjoy in steep grassy slopes, have outstanding views from the rocky peaks or rounded tops, admire high pastures and meadows, gorges and waterfalls. Rich and unspoilt nature, preserved cultural heritage, various flora and fauna are special and as such the Karavanke is a part of the area Natura 2000.

There are many walks and mountain trails in the Karavanke. Everybody can choose from easier or more demanding routes. Different target groups are attracted by the Karavanke range but they all agree that it is the ideal choice for short escapes into nature or more-day walks along the range.  

The highest peak is Stol/Hochstuhl (2236m), other peaks over 2000m are Vrtača/Wertatscha (218 m), Kepa/Mittagskogel (2143m), Obir/Hochobir (2139m), Košuta/Koschuta (2133m), Peca/Petzen (2126m), Veliki vrh/Hochturm (208 m) in Begunjščica (2063m).

 Kepa  can be reached from Dovje or Belca.