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Soteska Kloma

Kloma is a gorge along the Žakelj stream in the Karavanke.  A visit to this gorge is recommended in high summer temperatures, when the water and shade become a part of the experience in this natural wilderness, hidden away on the slopes of the Karavanke which are much more complicated than they appear from the floor of the valley.  The summer is also a time when hunters can be avoided, as there are no deer at this time of the year. You can access the Kloma gorge from the signed route to the mountain Kepa, but you soon leave the marked path and continue by hunters' ways. It is not marked and sometimes difficult to trace.


Stanko Klinar describes the access to Kloma along the stream in his guidebook Dovje and Mojstrana (Celjska Mohorjeva družba, 2007) with the words "demanding and unmarked" (p. 28). Find a guide or someone who knows this path very well before you plan to visit it.