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Dolina Kot

Kot offers the quickest way to get to Kredarica, in a little more than 4 hours. A 3km long forest road takes you to the end of the Kot valley where you can admire the alpine meadow called 'Lengarjev rovt' at an elevation of 1,000m. There is no hut in Kot, but mountaineers can find a refuge in a wooden house for keeping hay. The Kot valley was formed by glacial activity. In its upper section you can admire the mountains Rjavina (2,532 m), Luknja peč (2,245 m) and Vrbanova špica (2,408 m).
The road to Kot is a pleasant stroll throughout the year as it provides a tranquil experience in the richness of nature. It is attractive in winter too because it is not maintained, and you can walk through the magical winter wonderland.