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Radovna valley

Radovna is in the Triglav National Park  and the same name, Radovna, is used for the settlement, the river, and the 20km long valley. This narrow valley nestles between the slopes of Mežakla and Pokljuka and is known for its hummocky meadows. This typical formation on the floor of the valley is the result of glaciation. Unfortunately, they are slowly disappearing because the farmers tend to build up the level to avoid the time-consuming hand mowing of the grass.

A well-maintained unsurfaced forest road connects the settlement Zgornja Radovna with Mojstrana and Bled. This road is also a cycle route  which has interesting information boards detailing the cultural heritage of the valley. The route is very popular with cyclists as it leads them through beautiful, unspoilt natural surroundings.

Gogala linden tree

Gogalova lipa

There is a big lime tree at the Gogala Farm, in front of the farmhouse. It is about 25m high and the diameter of its trunk is about 2m. The tree is in healthy condition and rich in blossom in the springtime. Experts cannot agree upon the age of the tree – some claim it is about 500 years old, while others suggest 300 – 400 years. Whatever the truth is, the lime tree is old enough to admire it best while sitting beneath it.

In Radovna, don't miss the cultural sights, ethnographic museum the Pocar home and Psnakova sawmill.