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Mlačca gorge

Mlačca is a short gorge in Mojstrana. You can find it if you drive towards Radovna or Bled immediately after you leave the village. If you want to walk from Mojstrana, first follow the trail no. 16 towards the Peričnik waterfall along the river Bistrica.  Leave the trail at the bridge just after the small hydroelectric power station and turn left and slightly uphill into the wood. Pass some tennis courts and continue behind them to the Mlačca gorge.
The gorge is at its most attractive in winter time. During the Christmas season nativity scenes and performances take place amongst the spectacular ice formations. Crowds of visitors come to Mojstrana to see what the diligent members of Društva lednih plezalcev Mojstranahave prepared for them. Every year they also organize national and international competitions in ice climbing at the Tomaž Humar Memorial.