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Kolesarska steza

One of the most beautiful cycle trails in the Gorenjska region starts in Mojstrana. A big parking place at the west end of Mojstrana is the starting point for this track. It takes you to Rateče, 22km from Mojstrana on the Italian border, and from there you can continue cycling into Italy, pass Tarvisio and Monte Lussari to Pontebba. An alternative for a shorter cycle trail is to turn left after you cross the border just beyond Rateče, and follow the signs for Fusine Laghi, two beautiful lakes in the middle of the woods.

The cycle trail is not steep and you can comfortably cover the altitude difference of 255m.  Along the trail, you can always stop and admire the magnificent views of the mountains and  the natural landscape. You can also stop at rest places and enjoy snacks and drinks. The trail has an asphalt surface. You can meet cyclists in both directions, joggers, rollerbladers, mothers with prams, walkers, and in some parts of the trail even farm vehicles and cars. Be careful between Kranjska Gora and Rateče where the cycle trail is also a minor road for access, although there is not much traffic at all.