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Blaščeva skala

The location of Blaščeva Rock is a little further beyond  the Urbas Rock. In fact, these three rocks resemble the Three Zines in the Dolomites. You can easily spot them above Dovje because they are more than 80 m high. The numerous climbing routes on this rock are long and of a higher grade than at Urbas, so are not suitable for beginners. From the top of the rock, you can admire the beautiful views of the mountain ranges around Triglav, Dovje and Mojstrana and all along the Gornjesavska Valley. It is also possible to reach the top of the middle rock on foot following a nice trail from a little further on. Perhaps you will be attracted by the 80m adrenalin ascent



WALKING TIME: 10 to 15 min.


ROUTE CHARACTERISTICS: Vertical and overhanging.

NUMBER OF ROUTES: 24  sport climbing, 1 technical.

ROUTE HEIGHT: 15 to 80m.

CHILDREN: Appropriate for children older than 7 years.

ELEVATION: 1,000m.

BEST TIME: From early spring to late autumn. Shade in the wood in lower parts in summer, on the higher sections it gets too hot. In winter from 11a.m. if it is sunny.

USEFUL INFORMATION: The technical route is equipped with protection (wedges). It is possible to hire climbing equipment here in Mojstrana.

WARNING: Access to Blaščeva Rock crosses the Blaščev pasture, which is private property where cattle are grazed from June to October. Bulls and some cows can become aggressive. Cross the pasture past the two rocks and turn to the part covered by the bushes. The path is occasionally difficult to find; however, look for it with care and have respect for private property and the precious pasture. Use protection agains ticks.