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Urbasova skala

Above Dovje, the small Urbas Rock is appropriate for beginners. Urbas Rock and other crags and boulders in Dovje – Mojstrana make this the perfect place for climbing holidays. Not long ago, this rock was important only to local climbers; however, now more than half the climbing routes have been equipped and the rock is open for visitors, too. The pictures in the Gallery show the marked routes. This climbing area has a perfect sunny position, but unfortunately it is not appropriate for very small children until they can walk well.




LOCATION: South, Sector 1: West.

ROUTE CHARACTERISTICS: Vertical, some overhanging

NUMBER OF ROUTES: 26 sport climbing, 2 technical.

ROUTE HEIGHT: 12m to 26m.


CHILDREN:  Above 3 years.

BEST TIME: From early spring to late autumn. Shade in the wood in summer. In winter from 10a.m. if it is sunny.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Both technical routes are equipped by pre-drilled bolts and cannot be climbed freely. The route 'Lojtrca' is friable in some parts. It is possible to hire climbing equipment here in Mojstrana.

WARNING: Park in the parking place (space for about 5 cars) 100m before Urbas rock. Use protection against ticks in the summer.

CARETAKERS: Peter Mlekuž, Benjamin Ravnik, Dušan and Anže Polajnar, Grega Kofler.