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Mojstrana – Lake Jasna - Kranjska Gora - Rateče - Planica - Mojstrana

The trail starts from the car park in front of the Slovenian Alpine Museum. Go north towards the village of Dovje, and at the main crossroads in Mojstrana, by a blue painted kiosk, turn left - 600m from the starting point. Cycle past the park Triglavski gaj (unmade road) and continue over a blue footbridge over the river Sava Dolinka. At the end of a bridge is a short climb to the main road and then you almost immediately turn left onto a paved cycle track.

Continue past a bike resting place (Wi-Fi point, Sonček cafe), staying on the cycle track heading towards Kranjska Gora. The route to Kranjska Gora crosses the river Sava Dolinka three times and goes past several picnic benches. When you reach Kranjska Gora, the bike path joins the road. The road first runs past the cemetery, and then a bit further on crosses the bridge over the river Pišnica. After the bridge, turn left - 13.3km - and follow the main road that leads to the Vršič pass. Cycle past the Hotel Lek, slightly uphill, and soon arrive at Lake Jasna - 14.5km, 827m above sea level.

On the way back down, turn left after the Hotel Lek towards the centre of Kranjska Gora. Follow the road round, heading west past the shops and the ski slopes (16.1km), and rejoin the cycle track. The track here is broader than in the lower section, and climbs gently. In Podkoren cycle past the piste of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, and continue on past the last ski lift. On the right-hand side you can see a sign to Zelenci (you could make a detour here to seethe pools which are the source of the River Sava, but you would need to push your bike on the rough path, or leave it locked while you make the 20 minute detour on foot).

In Rateče turn right at the former railway station (a large house painted ochre on the right) towards the village -20.6km. Cross the main road that leads to Italy, and join the road that runs through the village. Cross the main square and continue along through the pretty village to the Šurc Inn where you turn right - 21.8km. After 700m reach the border with Italy - 22.5km, 847m. Cross the main road and on the opposite side rejoin the cycle track, about 50m beyond the road, and turn left towards Kranjska Gora.

At the next junction (on the left side of the intermittent lake Ledine, which dries up and turns to hayfields in the summer), turn right onto the road to Planica - 24.3km - and cycle, uphill, to Planica Nordic Centre. On the right-hand side are the ski jumps and on the left there are cross-country ski tracks in winter. The climb ends at the Olympic Sports Centre Planica - 26.1km, 934m.

From the sports centre cycle back 200m to the main road, turn right and descend to the junction with  the cycle track. Here you turn right - 27.7km – and continue back all the way to the starting point in Mojstrana - 47.7km.


WARNING: On certain sections of the cycle track access is allowed for the vehicles of landowners and farmers.


Length: 48km

Total time: 3-5h

Difficulty of route: Difficult

Starting point: Slovenian Alpine Museum, 650m, coordinates WGS 84: N: 46°27'28''; E: 13°56'9''

Midpoint: Lake Jasna 827m, coordinates: WGS-84: N: 46°28'31'' E: 13°46'58''

Highest point: Olympic Sports Centre Planica: 934m, coordinates: WGS-84: N: 46°28'43'' E: 13°43'38''

Final point: Slovenian Alpine Museum

Altitude: 310m