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The trail starts at the pillar in front of the Tourist Information Office in Mojstrana. Head along the Triglavska Bistrica River past the Tourist Farm Pr' Železn'k. The asphalt road turns into an unpaved road and narrows to a path. Continue towards the family house Ros. There you can either take the unpaved road leading towards the Vrata Valley  or you can walk on the right bank of the Triglavska Bistrica River. After several kilometres you arrive at the 52m-high waterfall Peričnik. You can see it from the road; what is more, you can climb a short path up to the waterfall and reach it in several minutes. You can also take a short walk behind it.


Difficulty:easy- moderate

Walking time: 2-4 h

Equipment: hiking shoes, good fizical condition

Starting point: TIC Mojstrana, 644  m

Middle point 1: pri Rosu 698 m

Middle point 2: at Peričnik waterfall 795 m

Ending point: TIC Mojstrana, 644  m

Distance: 10.000m

Vertical metres: 251 m


Source: Map Kranjska Gora 1:30.000 - LTO Kranjska Gora.